Software Development

We offer offshore software development, e business consulting and web design services. We specialize in PHP/Perl Development as well as LAMP technologies...


Creative Arts

Bring life to your imagination and dreams. Our innovative creative arts team transforms your ideas and visions to inspirational and unique Graphics design. We focus on HTML and full Flash/Flex based site design. We follow international standards in design and coding, to ensure multi browser compatibility.


Moneyback Guarentee

Moneyback Guarantee on all support plans incase you're not satisfied with our service.


Affiliate Programme

Start making money from advertising. Partner with us and earn upto 20% in every recurring payment made by your referral. Partner with us to make your every dream a reality...


Uptime Guarentee

99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee for all servers protected under our support services.

Uptime Guarentee

99.9% Service Uptime Guarantee

Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) covers high availability and 99.9% service uptime of all the servers protected under our support services. All our service packages include free monitoring services using Nagios which is an enterprise-class monitoring solutions for hosts, services, and networks. Our unique plugin will monitor service will read your server response, analyze the content for errors and check for timeoutis rather than usual ping or telnet based monitoring procedures. This facilitates our monitoring team to take action on critical services on time to bring it back live and will make your business life more easy.

The following services will be monitored for assuring higher reliability

Available Monitoring Options

Control Panel Services
HTTP: Web Server
POP3: Email Server
SMTP: Outgoing Email Server
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
SSL: Secure Socket Layer
DNS: Domain Name Server
Custom TCP Ports
HTTP Password Protection

If you have any questions about our website monitoring services and high availability, please contact us at support@maestriatech.com