Software Development

We offer offshore software development, e business consulting and web design services. We specialize in PHP/Perl Development as well as LAMP technologies...


Creative Arts

Bring life to your imagination and dreams. Our innovative creative arts team transforms your ideas and visions to inspirational and unique Graphics design. We focus on HTML and full Flash/Flex based site design. We follow international standards in design and coding, to ensure multi browser compatibility.


Moneyback Guarentee

Moneyback Guarantee on all support plans incase you're not satisfied with our service.


Affiliate Programme

Start making money from advertising. Partner with us and earn upto 20% in every recurring payment made by your referral. Partner with us to make your every dream a reality...



We have a pool of talented, experienced Windows administrators ready to manage any Windows server infrastructure.

Our own custom tools combined with our expertize helps you manage the hosting of as many domains as possible in your servers with resource usage, strictly within your acceptable usage policy, we will assist you in keeping your operational cost to a minimum by more hosting clients in the same server with out affecting the performance, reliability and security.

The key to Windows server performance are the administrators skills combined with the right tools. Our experts know the best tools for your Windows environment.

Security is the most important aspect of any Windows server operating system. Our professionals have the skills and resources required to keep your Windows environment safe and secure .

Windows shared hosting accounts should not use more than 4% CPU or 4% memory over a 12 hour period, run more than 12 simultaneous processes or allow any process to run for longer than 30 CPU seconds. Databases are limited to 20 max user connections.
Semi dedicated hosting accounts may not use more than 10% CPU daily, run more than 30 simultaneous processes or allow any process to run for longer than 60 CPU seconds. Databases are limited to 40 max user connections.

Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server/Client Installation & Configuration


Installing windows security and critical Patches

Application Software installation and Troubleshooting

MS SQL 2000, MS SQL 2005 and MySQL server

Windows Media Services

MS Exchange Server, MailEnable, SmarterMail, Merak and Imail.

Backup Management (Controlpanel, IIS, Domains etc)

Performance Monitoring/Capacity Planning and Forecasting.

Network Audit / Security Audits.

Perodic scanning and updation of anti-virus, spywares definitions.

Setting performance baseline for %Processor Time, Pagefiling, Disk Queues etc.

Control panel software maintenance(if any)

Windows Server Security